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December Declaration!

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.

It is the fundamental emotion that stands

at the cradle of true art and true science - Albert Einstein

I've been reflecting on all of the bold new experiences I opened myself up to in 2016 and these newsletters are what I honestly must thank for reigniting the flames of creativity. I underestimated how the simple act of showing up to write and connect with you each month could lead me to expand my potential as a more diversified and purposeful artist.

I can now say that I have finally earned the financial stake for being able to film my own web series! I've (1st-Degree) murdered my feet along the way, but the overwhelming feeling of pride that comes from knowing how close you are to achieving your artistic dreams somehow makes whatever suffering that may cost seem completely worth it. As I round off this year by soaking my exhausted body in hot baths of Epsom salt, I dream of visiting an onsen (natural hot spring in Japan) where I can close my eyes and decompress with the adorable snow monkeys. Gee, I really miss that feeling of being at one with nature!

But, for now, I must be content with that sublimely existential state being reduced down to the form of a solitary baby Christmas tree currently living inside of our apartment. Upon arrival and after much curiosity and anticipation, Boris and Indy tentatively approached their holiday present. They then proceeded to sniff, chew and bat the shit out of it. My initial concern was that they would get electrocuted; but after ten entire minutes of intense interest, their natural flair for fickleness won through as they suddenly and abruptly just walked away: "Been there, done that. Yawn!"

Inspiring art to share: a lovely and very funny film called Captain Fantastic which yanks you in for a fierce bear hug to which you willingly succumb! Written and directed by talented actor Matt Ross (you might recognize his work from such hit TV Series as Big Love and Silicon Valley), a superb ensemble cast and the roughly charming yet delightful honesty of this story take you on an unexpectedly unforgettable, emotional roller coaster ride.

Ashley Stevenson, a subway performer (aka "Slim") based in Chicago singing her own rendition of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. There is something singularly yearning about her voice and the way she thrashes her guitar that serves as a Siren song; calling me back to write and complete my series. Despite three straight months of hard manual labor and my fingers nearly becoming arthritic: I must continue to write, damn it!

And lastly, check out Netflix documentary Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang. I have never even heard of daytime fireworks before! How did I miss this stunning phenomenon?! As a prelude to all of this weekend's international pyrotechnic celebrations, check out this incredible Chinese artist and his explosive work by viewing the trailer.

The opening quote by Albert Einstein which sums up my 2016 newsletters is also a closing wish. As we enter into the next wildly unpredictable year, I hope that you will also experience many wonderfully mysterious moments that allow for a deeper exploration of all your life's yet uncharted journeys and that you find the courage to embark upon them in the search for greater meaning and fulfillment.

May you always step into the future with a strong and fearlessly open heart,

Love Dianne xxx

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