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Oktober (CRAB) Fest!

My hustle is non-stop. I never stop hustling. -Young Jeezy

Happy Halloween! October has been a near endless slog. Long, yawning days plunge into chilly late nights as I work double shifts back-to-back; stashing the ka-ching for my web series like a squirrel scrambling for nuts. I become a machine until the end of each laborious day when my poor, throbbing feet remind me that I am human. I admit there's an underlying agitation to my "Service With A Smile!" and I've decided that in the spirit of Halloween, my catering attire embodies three costumes: The Penguin (tuxedo), The Hitman (white shirt, black tie) and Death (all black). The simple act of writing this newsletter is a lifeline; bringing me back home to myself by reminding me that being creative is the activity which most heals my soul.

But three temp jobs during the busy season essentially puts any serious degree of writing on hold for the next two months. During rare, quiet moments; I check in with myself. One can go numb by merely existing on automatic "repeat". Yet, despite peddling in my own private hamster wheel, an unpredictable creative force must be looking out for me because some crazy new shit has come my way!

I've suddenly been given the opportunity (with Crossing Point Arts) to hold acting workshops for female survivors of human trafficking. "WHAT?" (I hear you ask). "That's intense!" (Yes, it is).

This invitation terrifies me, but how can I refuse? You would think with my nose proverbially attached to the grindstone, I couldn't possibly spot unusual opportunities passing me by. Well, bless my peripheral vision! But, Heck! What can I possibly contribute for these girls? I don't have a teaching background! But being an artist required embarking on a path of self-determination and patience and now I'm using those skills to put myself on the cusp of learning the "business side" of it all. So, as I nurture an authentic voice to tell my story; maybe I can help them own their found voice. As I seek to become a more powerful version of myself by producing my own content; perhaps, they too, can touch and explore the possibility of being more than they initially realize. If anything, I'll truly be learning way more from them and I am grateful to be placed in a position that is outside my comfort zone. My ONE WHOLE DAY of training starts next month. Just like that: I enter another brand new, bold frontier. I want to thank my friend Ade for connecting me to their Artistic Director, Anne Pollack!

Films I have especially enjoyed this past month: Youth dir. by Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino. A decidedly unusual yet masterful work which runs deep with questions about our mortality. However, it's oddly light & quirky too! Featuring stunning cinematography (like living Carravagio paintings incongruously set in a spa). By the end scene, I was left gasping for breath.

The indie romantic comedy Jane Wants A Boyfriend (dir. by William C. Sullivan). I so enjoyed the simple and genuine "no frills" chemistry between the two leads and could tell right away how much they enjoyed playing their moments with each other in every scene. Not that I'm looking out for these things (I'm not a tight-arsed critic!) But, Gee!, the unpretentiousness of this story really struck me in a pure and beautiful way. Please watch this and enjoy!

So I end this newsletter with my observations of Halloween so far. As Doug and I finally squeezed in groceries yesterday, we admired the neighborhood kids innocently dressed up in various superhero costumes visiting the stores.

But then things suddenly and spookily took a sinister turn once we walked under the road bridge and discovered a dead pigeon along with a strangely knotted hand-made wand neatly placed on the sidewalk.

Doug: Whoa! That's some voodoo right there, you know, like Santeria?

Me: No shit?! Here in Sunnyside? That's scary.

Doug: Still not as scary as Trump supporters.

Back to work, love Dianne xxx

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