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August Awakening!

Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us

that we don't see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself.

- Marianne Williamson

As the cicadas emerge from the ground, they crack open their shells and transform: growing wings and creating, en masse, the loudest music found in nature. Heightening our memories of many front porch evenings (I miss you, Australia!), they sound their mating call from their guts. Suddenly, a light bulb switches on in my mind and a deep truth reverberates inside my guts. After 17 years, a lifetime of slumber, they finally awake to create their serenade. Together, we strengthen my resolve: "Your moment has arrived."

Let's start with Acting/ Creative stuff:

I've never worked with a producer and it's natural to feel fortified by having someone team up with you during the creation of your series. Phase 2 ("the development stage") transformed UNRAGED and I have made many grateful discoveries with this producer:

1. Rapid Fire: I have the ability to write and rewrite quickly and with an openness for exploration after given notes. Unlike others who are "precious" about their writing, I don't take it personally. Something intrinsic says I have the ability to write more and in better and sharper form.

2. Versatility: when I brought UNRAGED to my producer it had the spare, inner poetry of Terence Malick and the conceptualization of a Lars Von Trier (not for the masses, but I am a fan of their originality!), yet interspersed were scenes of peculiar but ridiculous hilarity. A series the muse and I created together and I treasure deeply. However, my producer noted another facet and challenged me to write pages of straight up "traditional" scenes. So I did - just like that! I discovered I can write quirky, charming to outrageous comedy and yet still traverse fearlessly into darker and uncomfortable subjects. I have the curiosity of a child as I explore these arguments warts and all; and hold a standard that, first and foremost: the writing must be excellent.

3. Off the Cuff: I can write organic dialogue grounded in reality and truthfulness. The actors who will play these characters will want to say the lines six different ways (or more), all loosy goosy and not break a sweat that there is nothing to draw from.

4. Characters: I enjoy writing prolifically for other actors where they can shine rightfully on their own.

5. Dynamic Chemistry: I have discovered that when you put me and my husband, Doug, in a room to "ball bounce" ideas, strengthen structure and polish lines, the combination of our talents is like having a "secret sauce" recipe for killer scenes.

6. Original Voice: I have a unique perspective and the series will cast a bigger net for broader viewership and appeal without diminishing the integrity of what is, at heart, a human story. It's not about whether I'll hit the pulse of our current times, what I am trying to do is anticipate a future pulse because there's never been anyone like me before in the industry.

I truly appreciated the questions asked in regards to my series, but I have realized that I can take my creativity to new levels and step up to the plate and also teach myself to produce my series. This is the moment I spoke of earlier and I know that I am now ready and willing to play a bigger game.

I am exceptional at organization and being a team leader. I have a degree in film and am fascinated to learn about ALL aspects of how to create the finished product. My search for a core team still continues and my focus is on those who have an affinity to my story and are itching to bring their skill sets to make it happen the right way. While gathering more funding and pre-production will take longer, that's a small price to pay versus feeling rushed or compromised, especially when the reward is innovation and a singular vision.

Good Clean F---! sketch comedy series continues to pop up in festivals! Recent screenings are at The Pittsburgh Indepen- dent Film Festival, The SoCal Clips Indie Film Fest and the Indie Gathering International Film Festival -which took 3rd place for best web series! A total of six festivals so far! Proud to be part of this cool and super professional production!

Now, Fun Stuff to share:

Another New York moment, this time quiet and poignant. It was an early and humid evening in my neighborhood when I trailed behind a tiny Mexican mother with her five children, ages 3-8. In a perfect line with hands held together as they crossed the road, I heard them tenderly sing in unison, a gorgeous yet solemn Spanish lullaby to their slumbering youngest in a pram. Truly selfless teamwork.

Once again, I will end this monthly newsletter about my Mum. At the age of 60, she is still the eternal student and has recently taken up learning how to speak and write French. Already a favorite, my Mum has charmed the socks off her teacher with her sense of humor and unique perspective.

But where there is charm there is also challenge and Mum is driving her nuts! Here's a couple of examples of Mum's reinterpretation of the homework:

It is raining

What does my Mum write in French? The sky is crying

The pot plant is in the corner of the room

She writes back in francais: He brightened his room with a pot plant

Yes, it comes back to unique perspective. Like mother, like daughter. Ha! I recall not long ago, I worked at the UN Building for this 10 day tech show about apps. I was sitting next to a professional photographer who frequently traveled around the world on assignments and I asked him if he learned anything significant about his line of work. His answer: "It's all about the eye. It's not about the fancy equipment you have, you can have a shitty camera but take the most compelling images because it's how you see it."

Much enjoyment of nature and love to you,

Dianne xxx

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