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June Reverie

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door - Milton Berle

June marks the end of my six month newsletter "test drive". I have discovered that through sharing my monthly adventures with you I am surprisingly also finding my voice as a writer; and so, have decided to commit to this. I thank you for tuning in to my world.

Let's start with Acting / Creative stuff:

The Web Series I am writing is taking shape in the most astonishing way: my daydreams feel like a meditation. The muse has quietly spoken with gentle taps on my shoulder, but the images and sentences it imparts to me make me laugh, cry and marvel. Currently shaping Episode 5 with just one more to go to bring together Season 1. Once done, I will be sending emails to some of you to see if you can join me for a table read. I won't release the title of my series just yet: magic and imagination are still percolating and I must gratefully respect the muse and just show up to my laptop!

This month, I was cast in another Writopia Lab short film! Written and directed by talented teen Ana Lucia, it's called Earth Control and is about a girl whose anger unconsciously sets off earthquakes until she meets a friend (me) who can teach her how to meditate. Ana's instinctive ability to excute a series of sophisticated shots and her honest story stunned me. I just met a great future filmmaker!

The finished movie's link will come to you in next month's newsletter. Meanwhile, click on the teen's image to view short clips from the three other shorts in the series which I starred in last month. You can also view their full, unedited films below:

Life and Death at Fox News by Nate Simon

The Worst Job by Matalin Crossgrove

Fake News by Jesse Koblin

Next month, I will be working on a meaty two page movie scene from Erin Brockovich with another actress in Directors Access Workshop led by Jeremy Wechter. Rule of thumb: multiple directors will have a turn to try their ideas for the scene rehearsal. Although we are already assigned a time slot, she and I have the opportunity to stay the whole day to observe how directors work on other scenes. It's from 11am - 6pm with a 1 hour lunch break. Interested in being part of future workshops? Click on the director chair image for more info.

Now Fun / Interesting Stuff to share:

Humans the BBC/AMC co-production is an engrossing, EXCELLENT show! The series asks super relevant, killer questions and explores the Singularity in a domestic setting. Watching this fascintaing show is like reading the instruction manual in preparation for taking your future android robot out of the box! Handle with caution!

My one word response to Atom Egoyan's latest feature film Remember is: DAAAMN! Forget about RED (starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich) because this is the bona fide "geriatric action thriller"! Told simply, but with sublime acting by Christopher Plumber and Martin Landau. Blown away to smithereens and stlll picking up the pieces days after. Truly, truly recommend! Click on movie poster to view trailer.

During the commute for my day jobs, acting gigs, classes and auditions, there are always lots of interesting people on the subway. Of late, I have noticed a more genuine approach by panhandlers seeking food or money. One particular individual gave a truly memorable introduction to himself. I call him: The Brand New Homeless Man!

He was elderly but tottered like a child just learning how to walk. Totally justified when he said that he had been in a wheelchair for the past 14 months. Proud of his current state and condition, he bowed his head and showed us how clean his hair was. He showed off his wardrobe: a blindingly white t-shirt, crisp "out of the box" cargo shorts and brand new white sneakers. Nothing flashy or expensive. "Old Navy" at best. But his cracked Bronx accent, his broken face and earnest eyes told another story: this man was simply surviving.

"If you have the time to listen to me, thank you and bless you. If you don't, that's okay too: no hard feelings! I have been taken in and have been taken cared of. They bathed me and put new clothes on me and for that I am forever grateful. Before I was this, I was a stinkbag, real dirty and I know you ran away from me as soon as I stepped into the subway car. It's okay. I understand. I am here asking for any food you don't want to to eat and small change if you have some to spare. Most important, I want the food more than the money. I have a chance to start off right and with that, I want to do right. Thank you for your time"

And it was here that I gave him my Clif Bar, he took it gratefully and looked deep and fully into my eyes and said "Thank you, Mami! Thank you". This strange, sincere angel took my breath away and stayed there with me long after he disappeared from view.

Two friends I hold dear to my heart came back to NYC for a miniature holiday: it's super great to see your faces Evan and Ashley! Already miss you! For all of you, please give me a holler back when you have the time, love to know what's been going on in your world.

I leave you now hoping that June was kind to you. And to those who had loved ones, or knew of friends from the Orlando shootings this month, I send you my condolences and my love.

Dianne xxx

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