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Chick, Chick, Boom!

Happy Easter season! This has been a CRAZY BUSY month! As I dug myself out from February's avalanche, March threw me into a whirlwind of action and mayhem. But like the pollen rapidly circling in the air throughout this Spring weather, I am always seeking out new projects and collaborations in which to grow anew together with others.

Acting Stuff in short form:

I am so proud to have stood by such wonderfully talented women in the In Full Color Women's Peformance Festival this month. Their personal stories, writing talent, courage, performance and presence moved me to tears and laughter.

I can also now finally say that I am a published playwright as my monologue (entitled Desirable) along with all the other inspiring work can be read in the In Full Color Anthology edited by Wonder Woman Summer Hortillosa.

I need to especially thank producer Joey Laughney (of Big Energy Productions and iTV Studios) and his associate for their enthusiastic feedback and for coming out to see me perform my self written material on a Sunday matinee, forecast to snow and where MTA is at it's most horrendous! I am truly grateful! :)

Also in celebration of Women's History Month, I participated in the 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project at The Theater for the New City! I was in a reading titled The Autobiography of Martine Rothblatt, As Told by her Four Children Along with a Robot Named Bina48, written and directed by Renaissance Woman Kat Mustatea. I played the role of Bina48 (pic on the left)! Not sure why Kat thought of me to play her but it makes me grin. Great cast. Great story-telling!

In a course of a month I watched three shy teens who wrote their first screenplay, become confident filmmakers as Writopia Lab (Film Department) showed them how to light, direct and make executive decisions of what they wanted or didn't want in their shots. Their writing was vivid, imaginative and hilarious! No filter. Original writing. It was a riot being of service as an actor to their work. On the right is an example of the kids work hanging on the wall of Writopia in poetry form.

And lastly, Good Clean F---! Web Series (starring in two comedy sketches Smoke Circle and Dating Service) is now an official selection of the Middle Coast Film Festival. YEAH to the GCF team !!! Love your work and proud to be part of it!!!

Fun Stuff to share:

Fargo (Season 2). The writing, direction, cinematography, acting, wardrobe, set design, editing -everything is masterful! However it is the MUSIC compiled for this show that follows you most for weeks after the entire season binge. One of my favorite tracks is Yama Yama by Yamasuki (album Le Monde Fabuleux des Yamasuki). A homage to a completely badass character named "Hanzee".

Strange Angel: on the streets of NYC, I came across a real life character that evoked much imagination in me. An African American homeless man who wore this huge backpack under his long coat. He looked like a standing tortoise. He was blind with a walking stick and his hair, beard and eyebrows were chalk white. He cradled this small radio to his cheek and there was a voice recording being played. In between the pauses he would respond, imitating with a radio voice saying "I love you, I love you" over and over again. It was beautiful.

Jealous by Labrinth is heartfelt songwriting and singing. Really moving music video. Thanks to Caity Peters for singing this in the blinds in "The Voice". I wouldn't have known it existed!

Side Note: Actors are you looking for work? Clue Chase is an "Escape the Room" venue. My kindhearted boss, Dave, is looking for actors to host our rooms: Lost Spy, Egyptian Tomb and Ultimate Heist. Pay rate is $15/hr and you have a blast working there! If you are interested, please send your headshot and resume to

Coming up next month? Another artistic milestone: in April, for the first time I will be directing a play! It's called Asylum boldy written by Daniel Curzon (Wiki). Part of Fest of the Best and produced by Lama Theater Company. Stay tuned for more deets!

Much Love, Dianne

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