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February Deluge

It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche

- Dianna Hardy

Happy Leap Year! I hope you are reading this monthly blog in still deceptively Spring weather...

I have definitely leaped into 2016 with an exciting barrage of acting work and three great temp jobs interlocking like jigsaw pieces (*more about puzzles below). My monthly unlimited Metrocard is well spent! :)

Acting Stuff in short synopsis:

1. Desirable, my self written monologue will be published in an anthology and I will be performing it March 17, 19 and 20th in In Full Color, a show celebrating Women's History Month.

2. Writopia Lab now has a film department and I am cast in three films written by wonderfully talented teens! Thrilled to be of service and honored to witness how their confidence builds when their words and work are taken on enthusiastically & respectfully by professionals.

3. Welcome to Hell, the Danaids retold and performed at Theaterlab last week as a workshop with movement in startling development! International collaboration by US playwright Gabrielle Sinclair & Austrian dir. Sina Heiss, a genuis at bringing together a body of complex, layered, thought-provoking scenes in merely 8 hours of rehearsal! This woman has wickedly wacky voodoo powers. Group mind magic shamanism maybe?

4. Update: Good Clean F-! (where I star in sketches Smoke Circle and Dating Service was accepted into the Katra Film Series and will be screening this Sat (3/5) @ 8pm! For more info press here. This hilarious web series has also just received an Award of Merit from the IndieFEST Film Awards!

*Heard of Mystery or Escape the Room venues? I'm having a blast working at Clue Chase, New York's premiere time travel puzzle agency where I host interactive period accurate environments like the Lost Spy room, The Egyptian Tomb and The Ultimate Heist all beautifully recreated by a "Boardwalk Empire" set designer. If you love solving puzzles and cracking codes bring along your friends and family (it's also fantastic for team building exercises). It would be so much fun to host you! Check out our rave reviews on Yelp to learn more.

Fun Stuff to check out:

1. Turn Down For What, I may be late in watching this ridiculously audacious music video but if you haven't yet, please do! Directed by the Daniels: my jaw just dropped.

2. Diary of a Teenage Girl, this indie film is stunningly honest in its performance and direction. The director informed every step of the journey from a novel she adapted into a play she had starred in. I know we watched the Oscars last night (Yay, "Mad Max" and "The Revenant") but this deserves an honorable mention! My jaw is in my lap.

3. Parisian Goldfish, this music video is not for the faint-hearted and I may destroy some friendships in recommending you watch this (sorry!) but I absolutely must. I'm a big fan of absurdist comedians Tim and Eric (Adult Swim) but nothing -nothing prepared me for this! My jaw is on the floor...

I hope your Feb was likewise fun and busy in a good way! If I've burrowed my way out from under it all, you'll next be hearing more from me in late March...


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