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Neo "I Know Kung Fu" Morpheus "Show Me"

WTF (Where's The Food)?

This is my very first blog and just to get things rolling I basically copy/pasted my first monthly newsletter, unleased today upon my friends and professional colleagues:


I hope this finds you happy, well-fed with warm toes.

This blog is a means for me to touch base with you; share bits and pieces about my life and maybe inspire you to shoot me an email back to tell me what's been going on in your world.

I know some of you are wondering: Dianne? You don't "do" stuff like this, WTF? Well I have reviewed my connections over time and my (more often unwilling) participation on social media and deduced that I am a terrible friend! I'm hardly seen online, so when I am it's like I'm "The Revenant" (meaning a person literally returning from the dead - beautiful film btw! Please see it on the big screen!) therefore, I've decided to stay connected this way -call it a 6 month test run....

So for January 2016, stuff I would like to share with you:

1. I am on a SAG screening marathon with Doug (my husband), so much to watch so little time. So far we have watched "The Big Short" "Spotlight" "The Revenant" and "Carol" -no spoilers here. All worthwhile to watch so far, we will be watching "Room" and "Bridge of Spies" probably tonight.

2. Experienced a classic New York moment when I watched a grown man crying on the train. Opposite from him sat a boy (4-5 yrs old) with his father. The father was holding his son's hand, eyes cast down as the boy stared unflinchingly at the weeping man. Life Lesson: All men should be taught not only to be strong and invincible. There is grace, beauty and strength in the breakdown.

3. Completed a HUGE MOUNTAIN of homework for "The Blueprint" by Dallas Travers and just started her "Breakthrough" workshop. Dang, what this woman has just showed me in the realm of empowering actors, you know how I feel?

Read the quotes at the top of the page again.

Stay warm, enjoy your chocolate!

Love Dianne

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