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Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'2

Voice: Mezzo


Cloud Gazing (Short)                                 Lead                                   Little Zephyr Films                                        Dianne Diep

My Hypnotic Beyond (Feature)                 Supporting                          Jammy Yoon Productions                             Jammy Yoon


That's What's Up (Feature)                       U/5                                       F Team Productions                                    Fame Little


Mother Ship (Short)                                   Lead                                    Columbia University (MFA)                          Grace Swee


A Spring Morning (Short)                          Lead                                   The New School                                           Nausheen Ishtiaq-Chen


Bahama Mama (Short)                             Supporting                           NYU (Graduate Thesis Film)                       Mary Rentzel


In The Sun (Short)                                    Supporting                           NYFA                                                           Anna Jochum


The Hunt (Short)                                       Supporting                           NYU Tisch (Graduate Film)                         Anna Dale-Meunier

                                                                                                              *winner of the Technisphere Award



My Crazy Love                                          Principal                               Oxygen Network                                           Charlie Mysak                                                                   (Mrs. Kwon)



Red Tree Cooking Oil (aired NYC)               Lead                                  SinoVision                                                    Hai-Wu Tao


Target                                                            Lead                                  Ghetto Film School                                       Akane Okoshi-Wilson

                                                                                                                *Top 3 Winner of Target Competition



Quality Intensive Provider Patient Care      Principal                            Winthrop University Hospital


Live A More Literary Life                              Lead                                  Kornhaber Brown

(Do Better Daily)


7 Tips To De-Clutter Your Life                      Lead                                  Kornhaber Brown

(Do Better Daily)


Meet the Millennials                                      Principal                            MTV Scratch & Walk The Line Films


What is Leadership?                                     Lead                                  VEA: Video Education Australasia                   Michael Boland


My First Job                                                  Supporting                          VEA: Video Education Australasia                   Michael Boland


WEB SERIES           

Smoke Circle                                                 Principal                             Good Clean F                        Jonny Kapps & Katie Thompson

(Season 2, Ep. 2)                


Dating Service                                              Principal                              Good Clean F                           Jonny Kapps & Ben Townsend 

(Season 2. Final Ep.)              


THEATRE (partial list)

My Big Gay Italian Funeral                  Eva Fong (US/ Performed)         St. Luke's Theatre (OFF-BROADWAY)         Sonia Blangiardo


Desirable in In Full Color                            Solo                                      Art House Productions                                 Summer Hortillosa

(Self Written Monologue & Published)


Shapeshifter                                               Lead                                      Howling Moon Productions                           Kara Raphaeli


Romeo and Juliet                                       Nurse and Montague            Occupy Verona                                              Joe Raik


The Tragedy of Dandelion                         Ratliff/ Captain/ Joan            Ego Actus Theater Company                        Joan Kane


Eurydice Descending                                Supporting                            Titus' Arrow (MITF)                                        Roark Littliefield


The Illusion of Kindness                            Supporting                            Thespis Theatre Festival                               Daniel Rodriguez


The Physicists                                            Martha Boll                           Columbia University (MFA Thesis)                Sina Heiss


The Garden Party                                       Hugo and The Clerk             Access Theater                                             Sarah Lyons


Ordinary (Staged Reading)                         Bearded lady (Lead)             Abingdon Theatre Company                         Aliza Shane                               

The ABC's Guide to Getting Famous        Supporting                           Spookfish Theatre (Fringe NYC)                    Kat Yen


Two Women On A Precipice                      Lead                                     Titus' Arrow (MITF)                                        Roark Littlefield   


Act One: One Act Festival                         Featured Actress                   The Secret Theatre                              Dir. Robyne Martinez;                                                                (4 plays: 3 in semi-finals, 1 finals)                                                                Derek Butts; Joey Stamp


Worldwide Plays Festival                          Featured Actress                    59E59                                             Dir. Kevin R. Free; Joe Ricci;                                                                  (10 plays, 1 reading)                                                                         Kyle Jarrow; Daniel McCoy                                                                                                                                           ​

A Dead Man's Apartment                           Nickie (Lead)                         Neighborhood Playhouse                              Ron Stetson


Into the Woods                                            Jack's Mother                        Neighborhood Playhouse                              Ron Shetler



Blackout House                                          Featured Actress                    Iconic Blackout LLC                          Josh Randall & Kris Thor




Neighborhood Playhouse

(2 Year Conservatory)

Meisner Technique                                                                          Richard Pinter, Ron Stetson, Gary Kingston

Stage Combat                                                                                 Rick Sordelet

Voice and Speech                                                                           Gary Ramsey, Colleen Wallnau, Kathleen Kelly

​Shakespeare                                                                                   Sean Hagerty, Harold Baldridge

Music (Voice and Singing)                                                               Ron Shetler, John Leone

Acting for Camera                                                                            Maria Macina

Alexander Technique                                                                       Jane Kosminsky

Modern Dance (Martha Graham Technique)                                  Christine Dakin

Jazz                                                                                                 Gary Gendall

Mime                                                                                                Bill Bowers

Monash University

BA Honors in Visual Culture (Film)



Dialect & Accent Reduction                                        Hamilton Matthews                 Private Coach

On-Camera Audition & Cold Read                             Ari Blinder                               Private Coach (Margie Haber Technique)                  

On-Camera TV/Film Intensive                                    Jill Pettigrew                           Actors Connection

On-Camera TV/Film Intensive                                    Conrad Woolfe                       Actors Connection

On-Camera TV/Film Intensive                                    Allison Kirschner                    Actors Connection

Comedy & Improv Classes                                         Jodi Collins                            One on One 

In Depth Scene Study Workshop (Strasberg)            Barbara Pitcher                      Theatre Within

Improv for Actors                                                        Armando Diaz                        Magnet Theatre

Butoh Dance, Suzuki Method and Viewpoints                                                          Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre

The Instrument, The Character, Advanced Level       Peter Sardi                             Melbourne School of Acting


Comedic Chops, Comedic Timing, Sheer Audacity


Accents: American, Australian, British, Cockney, Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese)


Greencard Holder

(U.S Permanent Resident)

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