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The Tragedy of Dandelion

"All of the more than 30 roles...played by a very hard-working cast of 10 women, skillfully carried out in this premiere production by director Joan Kane, gives such enormous gravitas to this Tragedy." -Martin Denton, Indie Theatre Now


"Addresses serious and timeless topics while also using the rhetorical devices common in Shakespeare that bring an undercurrent of humor and humanity to the content. The performances were presented with skill" -Kessa De Santis, Electronic Link Journal


"The acting was high quality. Dianne Diep was very good. It was very well done and told a good story. Well acted and well directed." - Carol Bruner of Richard Rosenwald Associates (NYC Management and Agency)


"I would recommend to all for a fun evening and a wonderfully told story. (The) all-women troupe was completely fantastic." -Anthony Jones of The Negro Ensemble Company


"All the acting was did provide another showcase for Dianne Diep whom I thought was a tremendously endearing and versatile actor." - Walter Milani of Niko Companies (Broadway Managers and Producers)

Two Women On A Precipice

"Both actors play with total commitment, completely convincing as real people in unusual circumstances. The script's spoken back story is all but omitted - whereas the actors subtext and history are fully realized. Dianne Diep (who plays Woman 2) plays a well thought out, believable character." -Tulis McCall, Usher Nonsense


Eurydice Descending

"Diep does a great job as the overly concerned, but far from altruistic busy-body, who is a crucial catalyst for revelation. As she leaves, she endears herself with her earnest and honest promise to 'try' not to spill the juicy gossip." -Emily Gawlak, StageBuddy

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